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Top talent deserves top recognition. If you want to reward and retain VIP team members, we can create employee incentive programs and top-class experiences that will increase loyalty, motivation and productivity.

Customized Packages

We will build customized travel and event packages that will guarantee an unforgettable experience for winners.

Careful Evaluation

Your brand and culture are carefully evaluated as we consider which incentivesand event planning and design approach will best drive performance with your team.

Proven Results

Whether it’s sales, dealer or distributor loyalty, safety or general rewards and recognition, we know how to build programsthat generate proven results.

Exceptional performers require exceptional rewards. And we’re the
exceptional team that can deliver that for you.

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Our Expertise & Services

From concept to completion we are your solution for exceptional meeting, incentive and event management. Whether you’re planning an incentive trip for 200 of your top sales performers, or a conference bringing together thousands of your customers from around the globe, we provide you with custom, scalable solutions to meet your event needs.

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Our Team

Our passionate and experienced team can’t wait to work with you on your next event. We truly believe what sets us apart is our drive to make our customers happy and to work tirelessly until your event isperfect.

We combine customized technology with scalable pricing to ensure your program fits your desired outcome. We find, select, negotiate, coordinate, plan, promote, create, transport, staff, direct, reconcile, measure, track, and audit every detail. As an extension of our clients’ team, we deliver stellar results globally.

But, it’s not really about us. It’s about you and your team. It’s about translating our experience into seamless execution and unforgettable trips.

“This is world-class food, world-class wine, world-class cheese.
The next big thing is Croatia.”

“If you haven’t been here, you’re an idiot.”

- Anthony Bourdain

Why Croatia

We live the Croatian culture and know its virtues, its possibilities and its riches. With this knowledge, we contribute to integrating the local into your project, bringing it to a higher level and creating a memorable experience for your clients.

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Bourdain’s surprise at the gastronomic riches of Croatia was perhaps understandable. For thousands of years, the region had it all: salt production along the coast, started by the Liburnians well before the 1st century BC, plentiful fish from the clear waters of the Adriatic, a climate ideal for wine production, and olive oil that was prized above all others. In the 1st century AD the Greek epicure Apicius suggested adding bay leaves, cypress root and salt to Spanish oil so that it tasted more like the Liburnian version.

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Here is why Croatia:

1244 islands, islets, stacks and reefs
6.278km coastline
The stunning medieval towns of Split and Dubrovnik
The picturesque national parks
8 UNESCO sites and 14 Elements on the UNESCO Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Untouched nature
Exceptional eno-gastronomy
Adventure activities
Among the most Googled destinations in the world
Close to all european cities
Excellent flight connections
Numerous open-air festivals
Locations of making of ”Star Wars”, ”Game of Thrones”, ”Crossing Lines”, ”Winteou” and many more

few more interesting facts

Orson Wells shot his adaptation of Franz Kafka’s “The Trial” in Zagreb.

Jules Verne set the plot of his novel “Mathias Sandorf” in the town of Pazin.

Alfred Hitchcock claimed that “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world”

Lord Byron christened the city of Dubrovnik “The Pearl of the Adriatic”.

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Inspire your business associates to reach even higher goals by taking them on a quest to Croatia. Provide them with an experience that will take your collaboration to a higher level and deepen your partnership in future deeds. We ensure that your journey is filled with unique moments, impressive locations and stimulating activities. Croatian land, history, cuisine and customs contribute to creating a memorable voyage that enhances the potential of all those that take part in it. Our expertise in this area will give you full support in motivating those that have contributed to your successful business, certifying the continuation of your success.

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We live the Croatian culture and know its virtues, its possibilities and its riches. With this knowledge, we contribute to integrating the local into your project, bringing it to a higher level and creating a memorable experience for your clients. Being a trustworthy local partner, we analyze each location, hotel, restaurant or activity, presenting the strengths and weaknesses while at the same time offering our advice based on experience. Having over 25 years’ experience, we have the experience to know how to adjust services to your needs and have a strong relationship with our partners throughout Croatia. Trust us to lead your project and we will negotiate the best of Croatia all in tune with your project aims.

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